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Stocks Finish Lower As The Bond Market Thinks Twice About The Fed Pivot
S&P500 (ES) Reverses Half of Aug-Oct Slide
Quarters Don’t Repeat, But They Sometimes Rhyme
Big Tech Results Initially Spook Investors, but the Week Ends on a High Note
Why Did the Brazilian Real and Mexican Peso Outperform the Super-Strong US Dollar this Year?
IBKR’s Hottest Shorts as of 10/27/2022
Recession May Be A Red Herring for a Market Fuelled By a Supercycle
Are ESG Strategies More Effective for Societal Impact or Performance?
Is Natural Gas Near a Bottom?
Volkswagen’s Bugging
Blue Chip Stocks To Consider? 2 In Focus
Reddit NFTs Surpass $8.6M in Volume, Massive Uptick for Polygon-Based NFTs
Weekly Market Recap: October 31, 2022
Income Investing: Equities, Bonds, or Both?
Red-Hot October in a Cool-Down Phase
Economic Update: October 31, 2022
Soft Commodities Jump on Russian Pullback on Grain Deal
Chart Advisor: Amazon Can’t Deliver – Stocks rally to finish the week, but Amazon shares tumble on its latest earnings.
Corn (ZC) Retesting Weekly Chart Triangle Resistance
Weight Distribution in Top-Heavy Indices
Why Monetary Policy is NOT Enough To Fix the EU
Market Reacts to Amazon Guidance and September PCE Price Index
The Fed’s Inflation Battle Faces Setback
Show Us Your Portfolio: Rob Arnott
Elon Musk Takes Over Twitter: Who’s In Charge, Who’s Gone And What Happens To The Stock?
Uncovering Strong Reversal Signals Using Candlestick Analysis – a webinar with Candlestick Forum
Trendline and Channel Tutorial: Part 4
What’s on Tap Weekly Calendar October 31 – November 4, 2022
More US Tech Warnings Rattle Markets
Will AI Help Us in Building Better Batteries?
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