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Milind has 23 years of market experience including 10 years running the QuantZ Capital hedge funds. For the 3 years prior, he managed a Prop Trading desk at RBC where he served as Portfolio Manager for Quant EMN, Short Term & Event Driven portfolios. Prior to that, he served as Director and Senior Proprietary Trader at Deutsche Bank (now SABA) where he managed Quant EMN portfolios of significant size with input in Event Driven and the larger Capital Structure Arbitrage desk mandates. Prior to that he was a co-founder of Quant Strategies at Merrill Lynch IM (now BlackRock), where his investment role spanned a dozen quantitatively managed funds with up to $30 Billion in AUM. The ML Large Cap Series funds (with MLIM President & CIO as Senior PM) were 5* rated, in the Lipper top 5% & won several WSJ + Morningstar awards by the time of his departure. In addition to being a founding member of Risk at MLIM, he was also a Manager of the Risk Analytics & Research Group at Ernst & Young where he co-created Raven TM. He also created the AIRAP methodology for hedge funds. Milind has an MSCF and an MS in Applied Math from the pioneering financial engineering program at Carnegie Mellon University where he was also in the Doctoral program in Logic (A.I.). Other education includes Wharton, Vassar and Oxford. He has published extensively (JoIM, Risk Books, Wiley etc.) and is a frequent speaker at conferences. Contact Milind by email at [email protected]. For product details, see

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