INWT Statistics is a continuously-growing data science company based in Berlin, Germany. Since 2011 we have been developing custom solutions that help our clients get the most from their valuable data. As one of the first companies specializing in data science, data analytics consulting, and predictive analytics, we are pioneers and committed practitioners: Our mission is to make the world simpler and more understandable. INWT Statistics consists of a diverse and passionate team of highly-specialized professionals. We combine extensive, hands-on expertise in statistics with the latest scientific methods in informatics, psychology, physics, mathematics, and economics. Honesty, integrity, and adherence to the highest standards are the hallmarks of how we work and how we serve our clients. In numerical terms, our 13 employees have – combined – 85 years of experience, 162 successfully completed projects, 6 PhDs, expertise in 10 scientific fields, and some 190,000 lines of code under their belts.