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Hedge Fund

Trading Term
  1. An investment fund actively managed for a limited number of investors and institutions, using a broad range of investment strategies, methods and tools, including short selling, derivatives, swaps and arbitrage. Hedge funds usually require a high minimum investment, and are managed by professionals charging management and performance-based fees.
  2. An Interactive Brokers account structure that provides trading, clearing, and reporting for hedge funds. IBKR Hedge Fund accounts allow a Fund Investment Manager to select one of three different Fund structures:
  • Single Fund – A single fund with multiple users.
  • Multiple Fund – One or more fund accounts managed by an Investment Manager. Each Fund account can be owned by a separate legal entity and is credit-managed separately.
  • Allocation Fund – An allocation account for trade executions that allows for end of day give-up of trades to accounts at third-party prime brokers.

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