IBKR Market Data – From Real-time Bars to Ticks


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See Part I for instructions to setup the development and trading environment and Part II for using IBKR historical data within Backtrader.

In this next section we look at various types of real-time data that we could use to run trading strategies.

5-Second Real-time Bars from IB

Real-time bars represent a price performance for a specific period. These periods could be as long as a day or as short as a second, depending on the purpose for which the bar is to be used. Daily bars are usually the most popular for analysis whereas shorter duration bars can be used for trading.

In the case of IBKR the TWS API can be used to fetch 5-second duration bar.

The example below creates an active subscription that will return a single bar in real time every five seconds that has the OHLC values over that period. Additionally, we are switching off the backfill of data from initial start to reconnect in case of connection disruption.

By default, what=TRADES To receive OHLC trade price trade count data in Volume, it is necessary to specify what=MIDPOINT if the midpoint price is required. (See https://interactivebrokers.github.io/tws-api/realtime_bars.html)

Note that the TestPrinter used in this example has been described in part 2 of this series.


Top Of Book Market Data (Level I)

Using the TWS API, real time market data can also be requested for trading and analysis. This data is not tick-by-tick but consists of aggregated snapshots taken at intra-second intervals which differ depending on the type of instrument:

The most common tick types are delivered automatically after a successful market data request. Currently the default tick type is 233  (see available Tick Types, https://interactivebrokers.github.io/tws-api/tick_types.html)



Real-time Tick by Tick Data

In addition to the aggregated tick snapshots, IBKR also has true tick-by-tick data, but it comes with some limitations. Tick-by-tick data corresponds to the data shown in the TWS Time & Sales. The maximum number of simultaneous tick-by-tick subscriptions allowed for a user is determined by the limitations below.

Limitations – Additional symbol request can be purchased through a quote booster pack, each quote booster pack provides a 100 market data lines. There is a limit of 10 quote booster packs per account and rest of the market data lines are allocated using equity and commissions.

The “what=” must be set to the following BID_ASK (BidAsk), TRADES (Last), TRADES_ALL (AllLast), MIDPOINT (MidPoint), the default is TRADES if “what” is not set. TRADES_ALL has additional trade types such as combos, derivatives, and average price trades that are not included in TRADES.

Note in the example below “timeframe=bt.TimeFrame.Ticks” to select the tick-by-tick IBKR function.


Stay tuned for the next installment in this series to learn how to transition to paper trading using live data.

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