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Chart Advisor: Finding Top Speed
Chart Advisor: Go for Bullish Trends
Short list today – Client Request
Bulls Sweep First Week of November: Nov. 3, 2023
Yay, Fewer Jobs – Plus, When the Biggest Growth Stock Doesn’t Grow
AAPL Earnings Coming Up: What Does the Option Straddle Tell Us?
Happy Monday So Far, With a Busy Week to Follow
Chart Advisor: Chinese Tech Turns It Up
Chart Advisor: Bonds and Tech Bounce
Chart Advisor: Apple Falls Short
Chart Advisor: MSFT Hits New All-Time Highs
Chart Advisor: Big Software Drives Tech Gains
Implied Volatility: Does it Even Matter Anymore?
Chart Advisor: The Big Apple
Chart Advisor: Markets Brace for CPI Print
Chart Advisor: Tech Stocks Surge
Understanding Option Volume Trends with Market Chameleon
Chart Advisor: Amazon Can’t Deliver – Stocks rally to finish the week, but Amazon shares tumble on its latest earnings.
Stocks Drop On Disappointing Earnings And A Stronger Dollar
Chart Advisor: Utilities Are Powering Down – Utilities lead stocks lower as broader market shows indecision.
Chart Advisor: Mixed Messages From Materials
The Most Basic Pairs Trade
Chart Advisor: Is Gold Starting to Shine?
What the Options Market is Expecting for Microsoft and Alphabet Earnings
Cocktail Hour is Ending, Please Join Us in the Main Dining Room
Forgiveness On Equity Market’s Mind
Chart Advisor: Retail Rebound
Stocks Plunge On June 28 Following Massive Dollar Breakout
They Don’t Always Ring a Bell at the Top
Stocks Drop On November 30 And Are Now Left To Stand On Their Own
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