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Five FX Themes to Watch in 2024
FX Insights: The Stronger Australian Dollar
FX Insights: Canadian Dollar Continues to Lose Ground
FX Insights: What’s Complicating the Australian Dollar’s Story?
FX Insights: Upward Trend In the U.S. Dollar
FX Insights: Is Australia’s Dollar Staging A Comeback?
FX Insights: Uptrend in Canadian Dollar
Chart Advisor: S&P 500 Finds Support
FX Insights: Aussie Dollar Faces A Complex Landscape
Chart Advisor: Software Finds Support
FX Insights: British Pound Remains Under Pressure
Chart Advisor: Seasonality Suggests a Break
FX Insights: Australia’s Central Bank Holds Steady, At Least For Now
FX Insights: A Mixed Combination
FX Insights: Why is the Canadian Dollar Struggling?
Chart Advisor: China Charges Lower
FX Insights: A Slowdown With Canada’s Economy
FX Insights: EUR/USD Retreats
Chart Advisor: Playing Defense
FX Insights: Aussie Dollar Trades in a Sideways Channel
FX Insights: Canadian Dollar Strengthens Against U.S. Dollar
FX Insights: Aussie Dollar Reverses Weakness Following Hawkish RBA
Five FX Market Themes to Watch in 2023
FX Insights: Canadian Dollar Struggles Against Other Currencies
FX Insights: Eurozone Inflation Data
FX Insights: Canadian Dollar Faces Weakness
Chart Advisor: The BOJ Raises the Roof – The BOJ pivots and the yen reels as shockwaves reverberate across markets.
Chart Advisor: China Bulls Take Charge – Chinese equities take on a leadership role as participation broadens from global equities.
Chart Advisor: The S&P 500 Finishes Strong – Markets rally to end the month as investors react to Powell’s remarks.
Chart Advisor: SPACs Over SPX – Market leaders grapple with logical levels of overhead supply.
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