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Large Call Trade in Winnebago Industries, Inc. (Symbol: WGO)
Bullish Call Trade in Teradyne, Inc. (Symbol: TER)
What is the Options Market Expecting for NVDA Earnings?
6,000 Downside Puts Trade in Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings, Inc. (Symbol: DNA)
5,000 Calls Trade in Ferroglobe PLC (Symbol: GSM)
Large Call Trade in Graphic Packaging Holding Company (Symbol: GPK)
Downside Puts Trade in Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc. (Symbol: RYAM)
20,000 Put Spreads Trade in XP Inc.  (Symbol: XP)
Large Vertical Put Spread Trades in Euronav NV (Symbol: EURN)
Short-term Bullish Call Trade in Dropbox, Inc. (Symbol: DBX)
Pedaling Hard, Going Nowhere
Large Post Earnings Put Trade in Eventbrite, Inc. (Symbol: EB)
Large Post Earning Put Trade in AdaptHealth Corp. (Symbol: AHCO)
7,000 Calls Trade Ahead if Earnings in Brookdale Senior Living Inc. (Symbol: BKD)
5,000 Bull Call Spreads Trade in Fluor Corporation (Symbol: FLR)
Over 8,000 Downside Puts Trade in Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc. (Symbol: HST)
Large Earnings Expiration Trade in Phoenix New Media Limited (Symbol: FENG)
3,000 Earning Month Downside Puts Trade in Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital, Inc. (Symbol: HASI)
The Roots of the Options Trading Revolution
The Taming of the [Option] Skew
18,500 Valley National Bancorp (Symbol: VLY) Vertical Put Spreads Trade
What the Options Market is Expecting for Microsoft and Alphabet Earnings
5,000 Call Spreads Trade in Mercer International Inc. (Symbol: MERC)
Tesla Beats on a Key Metric / What Expiration?
There Are Strange Rumblings Under Earnings Season’s Surface
What is the Options Market Expecting for Tesla Earnings?
1,000 Sonder Holdings Inc. (Symbol: SOND) January 2025 LEAPs Trade
October Strangle Trades in Vir Biotechnology, Inc. (Symbol: VIR)
You Can Beat the Market With Options—if You Use Them the Right Way
Have Zero-Dated Options Broken VIX?
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