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Finance Courses

For more experienced traders and investors, Traders’ Academy provides an extensive educational program dedicated to stock options, as well as other options-related products. These course offerings include introductory lessons about calls, puts, Greeks, and option valuation, as well as basic – and more advanced trading strategies. The educational material is complemented by a long list of ‘How To’ lessons that demonstrate how to use IBKR’s suite of options tools, available through its award-winning Trader Workstation platform, including the IBKR Probability Lab, Option Chains, Option Market Scanners, and Trading Option Volatility, among many others.

Level Intermediate

TWS Option Tools

This series of lessons will help deepen your understanding of options and discuss the many available TWS tools investors can use to analyze the market before making a trade. Each lesson focuses on a single tool or approach to a valuable concept about the options market.

Level Intermediate

Basic Option Strategies

Understand a few of the popular option strategies, plus how to define long calls and puts, covered calls and puts, and short puts. For each of the popular option strategies discussed, determine the: Market Outlook, Volatility View, Profit Potential and Loss Potential. Examine how to practically construct these basic option strategies using an online trading platform.

Level Intermediate

Neutral Option Market Strategies

Learn how to define short straddles and short strangles; learn how to construct these option strategies and under what conditions they may pose positive or adverse effects on profits and losses and understand how to calculate breakevens, as well as learn about the roles of implied volatility and time value.

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