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Finance Courses

Traders’ Academy offers several courses about, or related to, corporate stocks and equity-related funds to help traders and investors make more informed financial trading and investment decisions. Many practical introductory courses help beginner stock traders learn about company shares, the broader stock market, as well as U.S. equity market structure, and stock market indexes. Traders’ Academy also offers a host of trading strategies, such as short-selling stock, margin trading, and securities lending and borrowing, along with details about IBKR’s Stock Yield Enhancement Program (SYEP). A broad variety of equity-related exchange-traded products (ETPs) and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are also on tap for those traders and investors interested in alternative financial products outside of single corporate stocks.

Level Advanced

Securities Lending and Borrowing

This course is aimed at helping investors wanting to take a short position in stocks understand what to do and where to find key information in Trader Workstation. We explain the short selling cycle and how investors can easily find out stock loan availability in the platform.

Level Beginner

Introduction to U.S. Equity Market Structures

This course covers the basics of U.S. exchanges and the rules that govern U.S. equities trading. Presented by IEX, it uses The Investors Exchange as an example for what happens to your order when it gets sent to a stock exchange. About IEX Group, Inc. IEX is a technology company committed to raising the bar for performance, fairness and transparency. In 2016, we launched the Investors Exchange, a stock exchange working to protect investors. Since then, the Investors Exchange has grown to be one of the largest exchange operators globally, by notional value traded. To learn more about the exchange and other IEX businesses visit or search IEX.

Level Beginner

Introduction to Exchange Traded Products (ETPs)

This course provides an overview of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), including different categories and types of ETPs, as well as some of the opportunities and risks these products present to investors. Lessons in this course will also explore physically backed commodity ETPs, such as those underpinned by gold and silver, as well as synthetic ETPs such as oil ETPs and Short and Leveraged (S&L) ETPs. Some insights into what investors should be aware of when deciding to invest in these products, and ways of mitigating certain risks, are also offered.

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