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How Are Hedge Funds Positioning After the Market Correction?

Posted October 22, 2021
Lyxor Asset Management

By: Jean-Baptiste Berthon, Senior Strategist & Montassar Jamai, Hedge Fund Analyst

Since early September, risky assets have corrected as investors priced in a peak in global growth, broadening impacts from supply-chain bottlenecks, inflation data questioning the “transitory” narrative as well as the spike in energy prices, and central banks becoming more hawkish and preparing to taper their purchases. While China continued its regulatory crackdown, markets also had to digest the (managed) collapse of Evergrande and deepening power shortages. Finally, in the U.S., the political stalemate concerning infrastructure spending and the increasing of the debt ceiling added extra uncertainty.

As a result, global equities headed south and sovereign yields surged in response to more hawkish central banks and firming inflation, with the ‘stagflation’ narrative gaining support. Higher risk-aversion and the Fed’s nearing tapering supported the dollar, while credit spreads widened. Depleting inventories also boosted energy assets. Below we assess how hedge funds navigated increasingly challenging markets and discuss how they are currently positioned.

L/S Equity managers have decently navigated these markets, generating small positive alpha (especially on their short positions) but their implicit stance is diverging across regions. U.S. managers detracted only marginal alpha. They maintained their modest overall exposures throughout September and further reduced them early October, keeping limited factor tilts. They steadily reweighted the energy and rate-sensitive sectors, consistent with soaring energy prices and yields.

Also, they just started to buy the dip on tech stocks that have corrected the most, as well as sectors negatively impacted by the pandemic. While they took profits on financials, they did not add much on defensive stocks. U.S. managers do not appear to be overly concerned by the macro backdrop, but higher tail risks, especially in the U.S., keep them in wait-and-see mode. Meanwhile, they are increasingly turning tactical and opportunistic.

Limited HF correlation to equities, positive alpha in september, improving short book contribution

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Originally Published on October 13, 2021

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