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2 Retail Stocks To Watch In July 2024

Posted July 2, 2024 at 9:45 am
Brett David

Here are retail stocks to watch in the stock market this month.

The retail sector is a vital component of the stock market. It encapsulates companies that sell goods directly to consumers, ranging from massive department stores to e-commerce websites. This sector is closely tied to the health of the economy. Especially consumer spending patterns, which makes it particularly sensitive to economic shifts. Retail stocks can provide investors with insights into consumer confidence and spending, serving as a barometer for overall economic conditions.

Investing in retail stocks comes with a set of advantages. Some include the potential for capital appreciation during periods of economic growth and consumer spending increases. Many retail companies also offer dividends, providing an additional income stream for investors. However, the sector faces challenges. These include things such as high competition, vulnerability to economic downturns, and the ongoing shift from physical stores to online shopping. This can impact traditional retail business models.

For investors considering retail stocks, it’s crucial to evaluate individual company fundamentals, their online presence, and adaptability to changing consumer behaviors. The retail sector offers opportunities, especially in companies that have successfully blended brick-and-mortar operations with robust e-commerce strategies. It also requires research and due diligence because of its susceptibility to economic cycles and changing retail trends. With that being said, here are two retail stocks to watch in the stock market today.

Retail Stocks To Consider Right Now

Walmart (WMT Stock)

First up, Walmart Inc. (WMT), is a global retail giant operating a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. The company serves customers through a variety of formats including online and physical stores, offering a wide range of products from groceries to electronics, apparel, and home goods.

Just last month, Walmart announced a pioneering partnership with Agritask, an agricultural technology firm, to enhance its produce sourcing decisions. This collaboration, part of Walmart Global Tech’s Sparkubate program, will utilize Agritask’s advanced remote sensing and data analytics tools to provide insights on seasonal fruit crop yields, such as cherries and blackberries, in the U.S. and Mexico. The initiative aims to ensure supply stability, reduce food waste, and maintain freshness for consumers.

So far in 2024, shares of Walmart stock have increased by 27.50 year-to-date. While, during Monday’s afternoon trading action, WMT stock is trading flat on the day, at $67.71 a share.

Crocs (CROX Stock)

Second, Crocs Inc., based in Broomfield, Colorado, is renowned for its iconic and distinctive range of lightweight, casual footwear. Established in 2002, Crocs has grown to become a major footwear brand globally, known primarily for its clogs. The brand emphasizes comfort and functionality, offering a wide array of styles for consumers of all ages, and has expanded its product line to include a variety of accessories.

Back in May, Crox announced its first quarter fiscal 2024 financial results. Diving right in, the company reported Q1 2024 earnings of $3.02 per share beating expectations of $2.25 per share. Additionally, the retail company notched in revenue for the quarter of $938.63 million. This was versus consensus estimates of $880.88 million for the first quarter of 2024.

Moreover, year-to-date, shares of CROX stock are trading higher, up 59.32% thus far. Meanwhile, on Monday afternoon, Crocs stock is trading up another 2.37%, at $149.40 a share.

Originally Posted July 1, 2024 – 2 Retail Stocks To Watch In July 2024

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