MonkeyPox Stocks To Buy Right Now? 3 To Know

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Should investors be watching these monkeypox stocks right now?

Check Out These Three MonkeyPox Stocks Making Headlines In The Stock Market Today

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s likely you’ve seen all the monkeypox headlines in the stock market today. Health authorities worldwide are actively looking for a way effective ways to stop the monkeypox outbreak. With that, investors have turned their attention to monkeypox stocks. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that Monkeypox is a rare viral disease comparable to smallpox but considered clinically less severe. It has caused an endemic in West Africa and Central Africa. Also, because it’s a viral disease, vaccination may be the best option to defend against it.

In detail, the resurgence of the disease could enable routine vaccinations for people globally. As well as Monkeypox vaccine manufacturers, antiviral drugmakers, and protective equipment manufacturers could be poised to significantly benefit. Investors may look to deploy a similar strategy as they did for COVID-19 stocks. With that, if you’re keen on investing in the monkeypox sector, here are three monkeypox stocks to keep an eye on in the stock market today.

Monkeypox Stocks To Watch Right Now

Bavarian Nordic A/S

First, on the list, we have Bavarian Nordic A/S (BVNRY). The biotechnology company focuses on the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of cancer immunotherapies and vaccines for infectious diseases. Bavarian Nordic specializes in diseases for which the unmet medical need is high. In detail, the company generates most of its revenue through government research and development and supply contracts, and from its commercial partnerships. The company has been in the headlines lately amid the monkeypox outbreak.

Specifically, in July Bavarian Nordic announced it received the green light from the United States & EU regulatory authorities to manufacture JYNNEOS®/IMVANEX® smallpox and monkeypox vaccine at the company’s Denmark fill and finish facility. This approval permits Bavarian Nordic to deliver drug products manufactured at its facility to the U.S. and E.U markets.

Paul Chaplin, President and CEO of Bavarian Nordic stated: “We are proud to announce the successful completion of the FDA’s inspection and subsequent approval of our state-of-the-art fill and finish facility along with EMA’s approval. This achievement, which underscores the excellence of our manufacturing site and our ability to deliver high quality vaccines for improving and saving lives, was made possible through the dedication and commitment of our talented employees.” Furthermore, shares of BVNRY stock are up over 63% in the past month. They are currently trading at $18.26 a share prior to Tuesday’s opening bell.

BVNRY Stock Chart

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SIGA Technologies

Next, we have SIGA Technologies (SIGA). SIGA Technologies Inc is a commercial-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the health security market. The company’s flagship product is TPOXX. In detail, its an orally administered antiviral drug for the treatment of human smallpox disease caused by the variola virus. Coincidentally, TPOXX is the only available treatment for Monkeybpox. This has caused a 35% rally in SIGA stock over the last month of trading. Prior to Tuesday’s opening bell SIGA stock is trading at $17.26 per share.

This rally comes off a series of news headlines from the company. For example, in July, the company announced it had received nearly $28 million of procurement orders for its TPOXX treatment. Year-to-date, SIGA has received an estimated $56 million of international orders for oral TPOXX (tecovirimat) from six jurisdictions.

The increase over the last two months in international orders of oral TPOXX (tecovirimat) reflects an initial public health reaction to the evolving monkeypox outbreak,” commented Phil Gomez, CEO of SIGA. “SIGA continues to receive a large number of ongoing inquiries about accessing oral TPOXX. We believe these new orders and the ongoing inquiries highlight the overall importance of health security preparedness, and that by increasing both the scale and scope of TPOXX stockpiling, countries can be better prepared for the outbreak risks of smallpox, monkeypox, and other viruses in the orthopoxvirus family of viruses and make sure that patients are able to access treatment.” Considering all of this, are you keeping SIGA stock on watch right now?

SIGA Stock Chart

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Emergent BioSolutions Inc.

Following that, let’s look at Emergent BioSolutions, Inc. (EBS). In brief, the company offers public health products to government and healthcare providers. Emergent Biosolutions has four main business segments. They are; vaccines, which produce specialty vaccines for public health threats; devices, like nasal sprays, skin lotions, and injections; therapeutics, which entails antibody-based treatments; and contract development and manufacturing, which delivers treatments to market through collaboration with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and the United States government.

Additionally, the majority of the company’s revenue comes from U.S. government purchases of vaccines, devices, and therapeutic products. Coincidentally, EBS is in the process of purchasing from Chimerix (NASDAQ: CMRX) its global rights to TEMBEXA(R) (brincidofovir). This is the first FDA-approved smallpox oral antiviral for all ages; continue to expect transaction closing in the third quarter of this year. As a result, the company will now have two of three approved Monkeypox vaccines in the U.S.

Central to Emergent’s mission – to protect and enhance life – is our ability to provide quality products and services for the benefit of our patients and customers,” stated Robert G. Kramer, president, and CEO of Emergent BioSolutions. “We continue to focus on combating critical public health threats with our core medical countermeasure and commercial businesses, executing on our growth strategy with M&A opportunities, and further strengthening our public-private partnerships, development pipeline, and manufacturing network to reinforce the durability of our diversified business.” Tuesday morning, shares of EBS are trading at $34.23 a share.

EBS Stock Chart

Sources: TD Ameritrade TOS

Originally Posted August 2, 2022 – MonkeyPox Stocks To Buy Right Now? 3 To Know

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