Level: Intermediate

For most money managers, risk management is a key component to investing. The IBKR Risk Navigator is a powerful standalone portfolio monitoring tool built to measure and aggregate real and what-if position exposure across all asset classes.

Introducing the TWS Risk Navigator course. This lesson will provide a “tour” of Risk Navigator and how to access and navigate the tool.

Use the IBKR Risk Navigator Plot Viewer to understand the risk and reward associated with an entire portfolio or single positions within with this powerful tool.

This lesson highlights the ability of Risk Navigator to upload an existing portfolio to it or build a theoretical portfolio using the tool.

This lesson will demonstrate how to bring up the custom scenario and use it for an existing position to see the effect changing market conditions will have on the portfolio.

Learn some top tips for IBKR Risk Navigator margin sensitivity. Investors may want to know the impact on their margin value in the event they want to change positions from day-to-day. To do this, TWS users can open IBKR's Risk Navigator and look at the Margin Sensitivity tab to judge the impact on Initial and Maintenance Margin values from increasing or reducing part of their holdings.

In this lesson, we will examine the impact on a stock portfolio under beta and equal weighted measurements of a shift in an underlying benchmark index. We will demonstrate how to add and contrast both Equal Weighted portfolio and a Beta Weighted portfolio on the Risk Navigator display.

We’ll explore the P&L Summary and VAR (Value at Risk) tabs of IBKR’s Risk Navigator.

Create a theoretical portfolio in the Risk Navigator What-if and create the trade orders. The position alters your existing position to mimic the what-if.

This lesson will use the Custom Scenario function in IBKR’s powerful Risk Navigator module to calculate the value of a single option through time under dynamic circumstances. The same can, therefore, be applied to option combinations. You will also learn how to quickly access the Risk Navigator’s “what-if” plot from any Mosaic Watchlist to examine the impact of time and volatility on an option’s premium.

Set alarms on option Greeks and create an option order or multiple option orders (option portfolio order) from the alarm settings window. Note: The orders require manual transmission once triggered.

Trader Workstation (TWS) Risk Navigator allows you to change the reference margin type to view your portfolio’s margin requirements under the different margin configurations – Reg T Margin or Portfolio Margin. Additionally, IB routinely reviews margin levels and will implement changes which serve to increase requirements above statutory minimums as market conditions warrant. To assist clients with understanding the effects of such changes on their portfolio, clients can utilize the "Alternative Margin Calculator" which is also provided within TWS Risk Navigator.