Level: Beginner

The IBKR Student Trading Lab (STL) offers an extensive toolkit to complement fundamental, technical,
and computational college classroom curricula. In this course, we’ll delve into how STL may be used to enhance the learning experience, as well as provide actual use cases from some of its participants – illustrating how IBKR’s professional trading applications can bring real-world financial decisions and outcomes to college-level finance courses.

This lesson provides an overview of the objectives of the IBKR Student Trading Lab (STL), including samples of its use in different classroom settings, including computational finance, as well as technical, and fundamental analytics.

Dr. George Namur, associate professor and director of the MSc Finance program at University College London’s School of Management, provides a first-hand account of how he uses The IBKR Student Trading Lab to complement his hedge fund strategies course.

Dr. Karen Kunz, associate professor in West Virginia University’s public administration department, illustrates how the IBKR Student Trading Lab provides her students with critical resources, including IBKR Mobile, tools for fundamental analysis, and a broad range of tutorials through the IBKR Campus.

Dr. Germán Creamer, associate professor at Stevens Institute of Technology and joint associate professor at Columbia University, discusses his participation in the IBKR Student Trading Lab, which he finds has benefits that stretch beyond his computational finance curriculum and into the competitive job market.

This lesson recaps how the IBKR Student Trading Lab can complement college-level finance courses – whether using teaching methods that concern computational, technical, or fundamental approaches. Educators can also learn how to get involved and incorporate the Lab’s multitude of resources into the design of their own curricula at no cost or obligation.