Level: Beginner

PortfolioAnalyst consolidates, tracks and analyzes your complete financial performance. Link your investment, checking, savings, annuity, incentive plan and credit card accounts to understand your current financial state and plan for the future.

Interactive Brokers’ PortfolioAnalyst is a real-time reporting tool within Client Portal which allows investors to analyze portfolio performance, concentration, and risk measures over a specified time period.

The Interactive Brokers’ (IBKR) PortfolioAnalyst Widgets allow the investor to easily customize their view of portfolio analytics metrics in a consolidated layout across a user-specified time frame.

PortfolioAnalyst allows investors to run default reports and create customized reports that evaluate the portfolio performance. Investors can access reports via Client Portal.

PortfolioAnalyst provides investors with the ability to add external financial accounts across the industry. By linking external accounts, investors are able to get a holistic view of their financial net worth.

Interactive Brokers’ PortfolioAnalyst allows investors to create Allocation Goals and set Custom Benchmarks. Allocation Goals and Custom Benchmarks can be used through reporting and widgets to analyze the holdings in their portfolio, as well as measure performance.