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Advisors can craft their ideal client investment model in record time with professionally built, research-driven models. Enjoy free access to browse and select models from the marketplace and seamlessly integrate the models into the TWS Model Portfolios feature.

Study Notes:

The Advisor Model Marketplace provides a collection of investment models designed by third-party vendors. Search, download and then use selected models in TWS Model Portfolios to manage your clients’ investments.

How to enable the Model Marketplace?

In order to use models and access the Model Marketplace, you must first enable both Model Portfolios and Model Marketplace in the Advisor Portal. Click on the Person icon on the top right of the screen, and settings. This will take the Advisor to the Account Settings screen. Under Trading, the advisor must enable both Model Portfolios and Model Marketplace to subscribe to these services.

Once the Advisor is subscribed, they can log into TWS to browse the Advisor Model Marketplace.

Available models include those from AGFiQ, Cambria, Global X, John Hancock, and WisdomTree. These models are designed to be used right out of the box to help save you time, and when the third-party modifies or updates the model, sync to the Marketplace to update your imported models.

How to access the Model Marketplace in TWS?

To use the Model Marketplace in TWS, open the Advisor Setup window. Click on the Models tab and click Browse Vendor Models to the lower right of the page.

Browse models or use filters to find the model that fits your criteria. Click a model to view the extended description. Advisors can filter by:

  • Risk
  • Asset class
  • Attributes, and
  • Frequency of rebalance.

Relevant vendor models will appear below.

Click on any of the vendor models to see the holdings and weightings. All models are comprised entirely of ETFs plus cash, which provides advisors with some wiggle room in the event they wish to tailor weightings. A pie chart also displays to enable a good visual representation of each model.

To add a vendor model to TWS, click the Import button on a model description to open the Create Model dialog box.

Imported models from the Marketplace maintain a link that allows you to refresh the model at any time to stay in sync with the vendor model. This is useful to get changes when the vendor makes updates to the model’s composition or percentages. If you elect to make your own changes to the model, you will lose the ability to sync to the original model.

Click the Create and Set Targets button to open in the Rebalance Window.

Modify percentages and fine-tune the model composition to invest your clients. Click Save when done.

For more information on using model portfolios in TWS, please see the below links:

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