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Course Introduction

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Duration 3:57
Level Beginner
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IBKR’s Broker Portal is our free and powerful CRM platform, which serves as a one-stop destination to manage clients, access reporting features, client billing, and more. This lesson will introduce how to navigate the Broker Portal.

Study Notes:

This course is designed to review IBKR’s turnkey Client Relationship Management (CRM) solution for Broker-Dealers and Introducing Brokers (IBs). This introductory lesson will review the basics of navigating the Broker Portal and future lessons will review the specific tools more in-depth.

Introducing Brokers can login to the Broker Portal from IBKR’s home page and clicking Log In in the upper right corner, then Portal Login from the drop-down menu. After entering their username, password and verifying with their Two-Factor Authentication device, the Broker will be redirected to the Home Dashboard of the Broker Portal.

The main menu tabs are located across the top of the page. When the tab is selected, a drop-down menu appears with more specific pages the broker can select from.

  • The Home page provides access to manage client information and the onboarding process quickly and easily for new accounts. The Home page defaults to the Dashboard but there are several other menu tabs across the top for Contacts, Fee Administration, Tools, Groups, Transaction History, Calendar, and Email.
  • The Trade menu in Broker Portal allows access for Brokers to trade any available products such as stocks, options, futures, crypto, and many more. Brokers can also view orders & trades, exercise options, convert currency, and close positions.
  • The Research menu contains the ability to create watchlists, configure market scanners, access the Fundamentals Explorer, and other research and news tools.
  • Transfer & Pay menu in Broker Portal provides resources to transfer funds, transfer positions, monitor transaction status and history, and more.
  • Performance & Reports menu tab has access to IBKR’s robust reporting features including PortfolioAnalyst, standard Statements, Flex Queries, Tax Documents and more.
  • Education menu has links to all the educational resources including short videos, Traders’ Insight, podcasts, webinars and the IBKR Forum. The IBKR Forum is designed to promote dialogue among IBKR clients where they can post observations, ideas, articles, and questions to which other clients can respond, resulting in a useful online exchange for the benefit of all.

In the upper right corner of the Broker Portal is the Head & Shoulders icon. From this icon, the Broker can:

  • Access their Account & User Settings
  • Change the language of Broker Portal
  • Turn on or off accessibility features and the IBot
  • Switch between Light and Dark mode
  • Enable Wide Layout to maximize efficiency on larger screens and monitors
  • And log out

Next to the Head & Shoulders icon is the Help menu with access to Frequently Asked Questions, the Support Center, and the opportunity to provide feedback on the portal functionality and features.

Additionally, throughout the Broker Portal, there are blue question mark icons that provide contextual help designed to give the broker quick answers while working in a particular section of the portal.

Now that we have reviewed the basics of navigating Broker Portal, the following lessons in this course will dive into the key functionality pertaining to onboarding clients, configuring automatic billing, generating reports, and setting up the master broker account.



Broker Portal User Guide

Broker Welcome Center

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