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Entering a Stock Trade

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The Interactive Brokers’ (IBKR) GlobalTrader app allows the investor to access over 90 stock exchanges throughout the world. Users can trade in whole or fractional shares in supported regions.

Study Notes:

The Interactive Brokers’ (IBKR) GlobalTrader app allows the investor to access over 90 stock exchanges throughout the world. Trade in whole or fractional shares in supported regions.

Where can investors submit trades in GlobalTrader?

An investor can submit a stock trade from several different areas in the GlobalTrader app. Clicking on a symbol in the Portfolio tab or Watchlist will bring up a Description page with a trade bar at the bottom with the Swap, Buy, Sell, and Options buttons. The Swap feature and option trading are discussed in other lessons in the GlobalTrader course. The investor can search for a company in the Explore screen and the same Description page will appear once a symbol is selected. The investor taps on the desired action and can create an order ticket.

How to submit a trade in GlobalTrader?

For this example, the investor will select Buy and once inside the order ticket, selects the Order Type. They can choose between Limit, Market, or Stop. When the investor clicks on the order type it expands below to give a definition of what each order type is.  Once selected they tap on Done.

For a limit or stop order, the investor will select the price. The investor can adjust the size by tapping on the plus or minus sign or tap on the number and enter a value on the pad. They can also trade in fractional shares for supported products by entering a dollar amount if they want to buy, for example, $10 worth of stock.

Next, the investor taps on Time in Force, they can choose either Day or Good ‘til Canceled, and as with order type, they will see a definition for each term. In the bottom corner, there is an estimate of how much the order will cost, and when ready, the investor can slide the order toggle on the bottom left-hand side to submit the order or tap on Preview to get a summary prior to sending. In the Preview screen, the investor can review the order information, and when ready, tap Submit Buy Order.

The investor can also tap on the blue Trade icon at the bottom right-hand side off the Home, Portfolio, Watchlist, or Explore screens to create an order ticket. Once tapped, the investor can either select from a list of recently searched stocks or type in the name of a company, symbol or use the Stock Scanner. For more information on the stock scanner, watch the video lesson in this course. Once the company has been selected, the investor will see the Description screen described earlier and follow the steps previously shown.

The Interactive Brokers’ (IBKR) GlobalTrader app provides the investor access to over 90 stock markets centers and the ability to enter market, limit, or stop orders from their iPhone or Android phone.


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