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Level: Beginner

Interactive Brokers provides investors with a mobile interface to monitor their account, trade, configure two-factor authentication and more. This lesson will review downloading the app, configuring app settings and general application navigation.

Study Notes:

IBKR Mobile provides an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface for investors to access their trading account, configure two-factor authentication and monitor their account all from their mobile device. In this lesson we will review:

  1. How to download IBKR Mobile on the iPhone
  2. Navigating the app and
  3. Configuring app settings

Downloading the IBKR Mobile app

Investors can download the IBKR Mobile app on their Android device from the Google Play Store. In the Google Play Store, search for IBKR Mobile and tap Install. Interactive Brokers’ offers additional trading apps, including GlobalTrader and IMPACT. This course will review the IBKR Mobile app but for further information on GlobalTrader or the IMPACT app, please see the dedicated Traders’ Academy courses.

Once installation is complete, tap Open to launch the IBKR Mobile app or locate the app in the Android App Library.

Navigating the IBKR Mobile app

The initial page of the app provides investors with two buttons:

  • Sign Up
  • I Have an Account

To login to an existing account, the investor taps I Have an Account. The bottom of the login page contains options for IB Key Authentication and Deposit Check, which we will cover in later lessons. In the upper right corner, investors can select the three dots icon to switch between Live Trading or Paper Trading Account, change the language, configure IB Key push details, upload diagnostics, or contact us.

At the top of the screen, the investor enters their username and password and taps the login button.

Along the bottom of the app is a menu bar with icons for Portfolio, Watchlist, Trade, Account, and Transactions. The top left of the screen contains a More menu from the 3 lines icon. The investor can tap any of these icons to switch between pages. We will go into further detail on these pages in later lessons. 

Configuring app settings

To configure app settings, the investor taps More in the upper left corner, scrolls down, and taps Settings. A list will appear with Trading Settings, Display, Notifications, Security, Localization, and Advanced.

Trading Settings allows investors to set trading presets for default orders by product class.

Display allows the investor to choose between light and dark mode, and enable or disable additional general configuration.

Notifications allows investors to manage and create alerts and delivery settings.

Security gives investors the option to enable Remember My Username, Auto-Reconnect, Read-Only Access, Privacy Mode, SSL, and use Two-Factor Authentication.

Localization provides options for color localization as well as language settings and display positions in base currency.

Advanced Settings is used to upload diagnostics in the event the investor needs to provide logs to our technical assistance team.

In later lessons we will review trading, monitoring the portfolio, creating watchlists, configuring two-factor authentication through IB Key, and more.


IBKR Mobile

IBKR Mobile for Android – User Guide

10 thoughts on “Getting Started with IBKR Mobile on the Android©”

    1. Hi Brian, to delete a symbol on your watchlist, highlight the ticker with a left click of the mouse and then click the delete key on your keyboard to remove the symbol. You can find more information about watchlists here: https://www.ibkr.com/faq?id=29095861. Let us know if you have other general questions!

    1. Hello Timofey,
      There is currently no way to change the color, the color is assigned by the server based in part by the number of indicators added to the chart. We hope this answers your question!

  1. How do I get transaction button at bottom of ibkr mobile app. I recently bought Samsung s23, downloaded ibkr mobile app and my transaction quick button is gone.

  2. In fx when I make trade in mobile app after I close the app my position automatic cancel or close why

    1. Thank you for taking the time to reach out and please accept our apologies. For this time sensitive issue, you should call our Customer Service team. You can find the hours of operation for phone support in your area here: http://spr.ly/IBKR_ClientServices We would appreciate the opportunity to turn around your experience.

  3. Why technical question can’t be sent by mobile app? Communication with Customer Service is terrible, first waiting ages to get online and there are no simple protocols to resolve problem and at the end telephone bill is big.

    1. We are sorry to learn that your experience was unsatisfactory. We have various support options available (chat, email, phone) and we would be happy to answer general questions here.

      For a time-sensitive/urgent matter, it is recommended that you call Client Services: https://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/support/customer-service.php

      We also have a comprehensive collection of FAQs on our website: https://www.interactivebrokers.com/lib/cstools/faq/#/

      We would appreciate the opportunity to turn around your experience!

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