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Create, View, and Modify Orders in Charts

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Duration 2:06
Level Beginner
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Use the charting interface to easily add and edit orders.

Study Notes:

Users can create, view, and modify orders directly from within the Advanced Chart display.       

From the Quote page open a chart.      

Move the mouse along the Y axis to the far right but just inside the chart window. The on-screen message will display “Place Order” along with a plus sign.           

With the mouse hovered at the price point at which an order is to be created, user clicks the plus sign, and then selects Buy or Sell.        

The Rapid Order Entry ticket opens to the right with the desired order at the selected price point.          

As with any order, user can modify order parameters as needed before transmitting.     

Once you submit the order, you can see the order on the chart. It shows as a horizontal line, red for sell and blue for buy.           

All orders for a specific underlying are displayed in the chart, whether created using the chart or by the order ticket. Likewise, orders created in the chart window are displayed in the “Orders and Trades” Tab in the Portfolio Section.   

Orders may also be modified in the chart. User should hold the mouse over the order description, then click and drag to the new desired price point.     

The original order is canceled and the new order is transmitted instantaneously, meaning that the Order Preview instantly updates, and the user does not have a chance to make any other changes before the order is sent.        

To cancel an order from the chart, user clicks the “X” icon to the right of the quantity displayed in the chart order. Once an order is cancelled it is removed from the chart.


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10 thoughts on “Create, View, and Modify Orders in Charts”

  • Ernesto M

    If I take a buy or sell position… the graph does not show me in shading where the position is in profit, as the previous platform does… what should I configure?

    • Interactive Brokers

      Hello Ernesto, we appreciate your question. This feature is in the pipeline and will be released shortly!

  • Nick

    Hello, Order has passed, im trying to move on the chart my TP a bit lower im able to move the line but it will return to its original TP. Is their a button or option that i have to select to activate the functionality to move order line on the chart?

  • JH

    In IBKR Desktop charts, my chart is not showing the the open order or take profit or stop loss lines on the chart when I have an order running. Is there a setting I’m missing? I have right-clicked the chart to get to chart settings, in the trading I have the appearance Positions and Orders both selected as blue boxes with with check marks.

    • Interactive Brokers

      Hello, thank you for reaching out. We could not replicate this issue. We encourage you to submit this feedback in IBKR Desktop (speech bubble with thumbs up icon). Additionally, you can keep up to date on our new releases with the IBKR Desktop release notes:

  • Timur Alim

    Hi, if i want to add stop to my position how to to do it?

  • Anonymous

    How can I remove this line from the view without cancelling order?

    • Interactive Brokers

      Hello, thank you for asking. In IBKR Desktop, find Chart Settings and click Trading. Underneath Appearance, you should have the ability to select/ deselect Orders. This will allow you to remove the line without canceling the order.

      We hope this helps!

  • Tom

    1. Where’s Book Order on the Desktop Platform? 2. I want to go from Portfolio back to chart page. Currently, I have to click on Watchlist/ symbol/ charts.

    • Interactive Brokers

      Hello, thank you for reaching out. At this time, Level 2 Market Data is not available on IBKR Desktop. To view Level 2 market data in Interactive Brokers platforms:
      Subscribe to a Level 2 market data package through Client Portal. Options include NYSE OpenBook, NYSE ArcaBook, NASDAQ TotalView-OpenView, NASDAQ BX TotalView, and Cboe BZX Depth of Book for US stocks.
      In TWS, open the BookTrader, Market Depth, or Market Depth Trader window.
      In IBKR Mobile, open the BookTrader from the Watchlist by tapping an instrument twice and then tapping Book.
      Level 2 shows the full depth of the order book with bid and ask prices and quantities, while Level 1 only shows the best bid and ask. Please view this FAQ for more information:

      You can return back to the charts in IBKR Desktop by clicking “Quote”.

      If you have specific suggestions and feedback, please submit it directly in IBKR Desktop (speech bubble with thumbs up icon).

      We hope this helps!

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