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Interactive Brokers offers multiple options for adding or opening client accounts on our platform. The process is seamless and is designed to facilitate a smooth transition for both the advisor and the client. This lesson will walk through initiating client applications in the Advisor Portal.

Study Notes:

This lesson will review how to seamlessly initiate and send client applications as a Financial Advisor on the Interactive Brokers platform.

How to initiate a client application in IBKR Advisor Portal?

Within the Advisor Portal, the main area to initiate the client application is from the Home page and selecting the blue Add Account button in the upper right side of the screen.

On the following page, there are 2 different application types:

  • The Fully Electronic application will send an email invitation to the client and the client will click the link in the email to complete the application online themselves.
  • The Semi-Electronic application will be completed by the advisor. At the end of the application, the advisor will generate a PDF of the application and the agreements and disclosures and provide the PDF for the client to sign and return to Interactive Brokers.

If Semi-Electronic application is selected, the advisor will be redirected to the account application page that they can electronically complete for their client. Once the application is completed, the advisor will send the application PDF to the client for their signature. For US registered advisors, IBKR is integrated with DocuSign, which allows the client to securely submit their electronic signature remotely from virtually anywhere, on any device. Please see the user guide for further information on the DocuSign process including details on eligible clients.

If Fully Electronic application is selected, the advisor will be prompted to enter the client’s name and email address to send the application to. It will also ask whether to use a Client Account Template. If Yes is selected, a dropdown menu will appear with the advisor’s pre-configured templates. How to create Client Account Templates is discussed in a separate video lesson in this course.

Select continue and the advisor will be presented with a review screen to ensure the information entered is correct. When ready, click Continue again and the email with the application link will be sent to the client.

How to initiate applications from the Contacts tab in Advisor Portal?

It is also possible to initiate applications from the Contacts tab. Initiating the application from a contact will pre-populate the application with the client information from that contact.

To send the invitation, select the blue Information icon to the left of the desired contact. The contacts details will expand on the following page. Select the document icon in the upper right corner for Send Application Invite.

Once selected, the advisor will be presented with the same fully or semi-electronic options but this time, the client information will be populated. How to enter or upload contacts to the Advisor Portal will be reviewed in another video lesson in this course.

Can applications be initiated in bulk?

Additionally, advisors may want to initiate applications in bulk if they are moving their existing book of business from another custodian. There is a mass upload feature that allows advisors to upload multiple client accounts via an Excel workbook.

To use the mass upload feature, please contact your sales representative or email our Sales Engineering team at [email protected] and they will provide the Excel workbook template.


Advisor Portal User Guide

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