Duration: 3:12
Level: Beginner

Learn how to use the TWS Rebalance Portfolio tool for the entire portfolio, not just models. See how to access it and set weights to rebalance the portfolio.

Study Notes:

The Rebalance Portfolio window allows you to see your overall portfolio for All your accounts, a Group of accounts, or an individual account. In this lesson we will demonstrate how to rebalance an entire portfolio using the Rebalance Portfolio screen. While similar to the Rebalance Model screen we discussed in previous lessons, the Rebalance Portfolio screen allows you to adjust the entire portfolio, not just the positions in a Model.

To access the Rebalance Portfolio in Mosaic left click on the New Window button in the upper left-hand corner and scroll down to Portfolio tools, Rebalance Portfolio and left click on it.

The Rebalance Portfolio screen will appear, using the drop-down box in the upper left-hand corner you can select either a Group, All accounts, or an individual account an all the positions held by your selection will populate the screen. If you choose a Model in the box, the Rebalance Portfolio screen will automatically switch to the Rebalance Model screen.

With the Rebalance Portfolio screen displayed, you can pre-populate the Target % to use the current Actual % values by clicking on the “Set Target from Current” for all the instruments by clicking on the button at the bottom of the screen or set for an individual instrument by right clicking on the box in Target % column to Set Targets to Current.

The Target % values can be cleared out by clicking on the “Clear Targets” button on the bottom right-hand side. Current Target % values may be entered in the row that you want to adjust.

Positive percentages will result in long positions and negative percentages will result in short positions.

Portfolios may also be exported or imported by clicking the Import or Export buttons in the lower left-hand corner.

Let us adjust all the stock Target % for Group A to 2%.

In the Select account drop-down box left clicking on the black triangle and scroll down to Group A. Now go to the Target % column and left click on each row to change to 2%.

As we change each individual Target % to 2% the Total Cash Target % will adjust.

Once you are satisfied with the Target % weights click on the red “Create Rebalance Orders” button to populate the trading window.

You may expand the trading window by clicking on the pop-up window or dragging the bar above the area upwards. Once the orders are created you can go in and set the order type, price, time in force, and destination.

When everything is set you may send the orders individually or click the Transmit all button.

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