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IBKR clients have access to over 150 markets worldwide on the IBKR mobile app. They can trade stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds, and more from their mobile devices.

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The IBKR mobile application lets the investor trade stocks, options, futures, future options, currencies, bonds and more on their mobile device. IBKR clients have access to advanced order types and trading tools on the mobile app.

Placing a Trade Using the IBKR Mobile App

Trades can be placed in several places on the mobile app. For example, tapping symbol on the Portfolio page or Watchlist twice will bring up an information window with the ability to tap Sell or Buy at the bottom of the page and create an order ticket.

If the investor wants to trade an instrument that is not on a Watchlist or in their portfolio they can tap on the center button with two arrows on it to bring up the Trade screen. On the Trade screen they can search for a company in the top bar or tap on Buy order or Sell order in the Toolbox.

In this example the investor is going to search for Apple and every company with the word Apple in its name will appear. The investor will choose Apple Inc or Nasdaq and by tapping on the arrow to the right of the box they can expand all the instruments available for that symbol.  The investor taps stock and the information and chart page appears. At the bottom, the Investor can tap Sell or Buy to bring up the order ticket.

In the order ticket the investor can adjust the quantity, order type, price, time-in-force, and display size. Depending on the instrument there may be more options, such as for U.S stocks they can choose to have the order fill outside RTH, use the IBKR Overnight trading feature, and other features including creating a bracket order. For more information on Overnight Trading using the IBKR mobile app please view the lesson on Overnight Trading in Mobile. When ready the investor can slide the Toggle at the bottom of the screen to submit the order and they will see confirmation that the order was submitted.

Orders can be modified in the Transactions area. For more information, please see the lesson on Additional Tools in IBKR Mobile.


Investors can also use BookTrader to quickly submit buy and sell orders using Level II (Deep Book) data. BookTrader can be accessed by tapping on the center button with two arrows on it to bring up the Trade screen, selecting BookTrader from the Toolbox, and searching for the product they would like to trade. The Price Ladder shows prices in the center, with the current volume at specific price points displayed on either side: Ask volume on the right and Bid volume on the left.

The investor will tap a Bid size at a price point to create a Buy order at that price, or tap the Ask size at a price point to create a Sell order at that price. In this example, the investor taps the Bid volume to populate a Buy order. On the order screen choose between Simple or Complex. For a simple order, select the price and tap Buy Limit or Buy Stop. For a complex order, modify any order parameters, including quantity, target offset, stop offset and stop type. Select a price and tap Buy with Stop, Buy with Target, or Buy with Bracket.

We will review trading options in IBKR Mobile in a later lesson.

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