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Getting Started with the News Panel

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TWS users have access to a plethora of news vendors. This primer explains where to find providers and how to configure your newsfeeds.

Study Notes:

On TWS you have access to a plethora of news vendors. This video explains where to find providers and how to configure your newsfeeds.

Your TWS Mosaic has multiple newsfeeds which can be quickly added to the News panel. Remember that you can also find prebuilt news-heavy Mosaic layouts in the Layout Library.

Mosaic News Panel

  • On the lower right you’ll see the News panel has multiple tabs. Simply click on each tab to display headlines.
  • Click a headline to view any story.
  • To add new tabs, click the plus sign to see more choices.

  • Let’s look at Company Specific News.
  • This selection will pull news from all free and subscription services associated with a selected symbol. Click a symbol on a watchlist to create news for that stock.
  • Now let’s return to the plus sign and make another selection. Click Portfolio or Watchlist news to see articles relating to stocks you hold or to related companies.
  • Check the desired box or create a custom ticker list by entering the symbols you want to follow in the input area. Click OK to finish.
  • You can use the text box on the top right to search for a particular symbol.
  • Use the expansion arrow from Today’s Top 10 to see a variety of news collections from Dow Jones and Thomson Reuters.
  • The News Monitor also supports IBKR Traders’ Insight and Traders’ Insight Video channel. That’s our in-house blog drawing upon market color from more than 70 industry sources, including exchanges, ETF and mutual fund providers and research providers.
  • Click through any headline to view the article, and use the Sign-up icon on the website to get free daily emails sent directly to your inbox.
  • The News panel offers Bloomberg TV and Bloomberg Asia feeds to our clients free of charge.

News Panel Settings

  • To refine the news sources you are receiving, click the gear icon and choose settings from the left menu.

  • Here’s where you can select company specific news, portfolio or watchlist news and general news.

  • Use the scroll bar to the right of this window to display the entire list.
  • Use the check box to select and deselect specific news sources.
  • Further down the page is a list of subscription-based research from a variety of providers.
  • Click the hyperlink to go directly to configure the searchable topics.

  • At the very bottom of this page, click the link News Service Subscriptions to locate additional news sources.
  • You can open the subscription page directly to subscribe in client portal.
  • To add your favorite RSS feeds, check the RSS News box at the end of the list. Click Add to the right of the RSS Suppliers window and choose from the pre-populated list or paste in one of your own.

  • Below that, you’ll see additional display settings such as showing sentiment ranks and more.
  • Click Apply when done and OK to close the Configuration window.

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