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How to Trade the Market Like A Professional

How to Trade the Market Like A Professional

Aired On

May / 04 / 2022
12:00 pm - EDT
Jeffrey Kilian
Vector Traders Consortium

Vector Traders Consortium

Vector Traders Consortium

In this webinar, professional trader Jeffrey Kilian will review time-tested techniques every trader needs to know to become a Professional. Jeffrey will examine the true mechanics behind price movement that creates major market turning points, both End of Day and in Real Time. Jeffrey will discuss:

  • Volume Analysis: The relative comparison of volume to prices and exactly what it might signal.
  • Divergence Analysis: Prices are saying one thing, but the Money Flow Indicators are revealing where the Market is headed soon enough.
  • Identifying with True High Probability trades: Learn how to be fully prepared to enter and exit a trade. From the set up to the execution at the preferred entry price, to getting out at your pre-determined price target.

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