Client Portal API Response

Discuss the error codes returned by the Client Portal API. The table below shows the standard Status Code returned and common affiliated Error Message.


Code Definition Description
200 Success The content of the request was all good and accepted by the server.
400 Bad Request Typically indicates an issue with the content of the request. Potentially an invalid request type or invalid character in the body.
401 Unauthorized Unauthorized Client lacks valid authentication credentials for the requested resource.
403 Forbidden There is some issue with the authorization. Client should query the /iserver/auth/status endpoint.
404 Not found The server cannot find the requested resource. Endpoint may be deprecated
429 Too Many Requests. Often shows up when requests exceed pacing limitations.
Violator IP addresses are put in a penalty box for 10 minutes.
500 Internal Server Error. Often returned if there is an issue with the body of the request.