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Intro to IBKR Tools

Finance Courses

Traders and investors new to IBKR’s award-winning Trader Workstation (TWS) platform, IBKR Mobile, Client Portal, and PortfolioAnalyst, can orient themselves with practical, ‘How To’ video lessons that will help make IBKR’s cutting-edge technology more familiar, and easier to navigate. Get started by learning the basic features and format of the TWS platform, including its myriad of available order types, customizable displays and trading tools, and configurable financial charts. Also, learn how other IBKR trading tools provide traders and investors with financial flexibility, including how to trade right from an iPhone or Android device; how to use a single log-in with Client Portal to access IBKR account details, statements and reports, as well as monitor global markets, build watchlists, use scanners, and trade; and explore how PortfolioAnalyst can consolidate, track, and analyze traders’ and investors’ financial performance by linking their investment, checking, savings, annuity, incentive plan, and credit card accounts.

Level Intermediate

Discover Tool – Trading Central

Discover ideas and new markets for potential investments using the Discover Tool. The bubble display overcomes the problems of having too much information to process and too much scrolling to contend with. Quickly see what's been happening and which companies are being talked about - the bigger the bubble, the greater the buzz. Discover is available in IBKR Mobile, Client Portal and Trader Workstation (TWS).

Level Beginner

Getting Started at IBKR

Through this guide, we'll help steer you through the account opening process at Interactive Brokers - whether as an individual or institution - including critical resources for how to actively deposit and withdraw funds once your application is approved. We'll also take you on a brief tour of our website and highlight some of the destinations there that can help you get up-and-running quickly with our platforms, tools, and services, as well as walk you through our platforms, show you how you can perform worldwide trading, manage your account, and improve your understanding of the global financial markets, as they change daily.

Level Beginner

Overnight Trading

Trading outside of regular trading hours can be performed on each of IB's trading platforms, TWS, Mobile TWS and Client Portal. This course explains how to create orders designed to execute beyond regular US trading hours. In addition, both CME and Cboe Global Markets offer around-the-clock access to futures options and options markets respectively. Each lesson walks the user though examples of accessing those markets.

Level Beginner

IBKR Desktop

IBKR Desktop is Interactive Brokers' newest desktop trading platform providing investors with a more streamlined interface. Trade stocks, options, futures, and more on over 150 markets worldwide from this easy-to-use platform. In this course, we will cover using the rapid order entry window, submitting options orders, viewing news and research, and customizing charts, columns, and views.

Level Beginner

Introduction to Charts

In this course you will learn: How to access and configure charts, so you can quickly visualize an event in real time; Create Multiple charts in one panel; How to build and save chart templates for reuse; And for those of you who want to trade directly from a chart, we’ll show you TWS ChartTrader.

Level Beginner

Fixed-Income Trading for TWS

This course is designed to help traders and investors navigate and configure bond-related tools within the IBKR Trader Workstation (TWS) – whether new to the world of the fixed-income markets or an experienced professional. By the end of this course, you should learn how to search for, select, analyze, and make investment decisions about specific fixed-income products, including government, corporate, and municipal debt securities.

Level Beginner

Client Portal

Client Portal enables you to stay connected with key features and services inside your IBKR account. Client Portal not only provides users with access to account details, statements and reports, but also allows you to monitor global markets, build watchlists and scanners and also trade using a single log in.

Level Beginner

IBKR GlobalTrader

The Interactive Broker’s GlobalTrader app is a simplified version of our mobile platform. It allows investors to trade in stock markets around the world, as well as trade options and mutual funds, and access IBKR’s crypto currency offerings.

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