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In recent posts from Interactive Brokers, customers may be aware that overnight trading for US Stocks and Options is now available through Interactive Brokers. For those that are unfamiliar, the US Overnight Trading article is available for more information. But what users may not know is that overnight trading is available through our API offerings as well.

For the TWS API, the process to place Overnight orders is quite simple. To begin, users will want to upgrade to the Latest release for Trader Workstation or IB Gateway, as well as the API.

After upgrading your software, customers will only need to update the contracts to direct orders appropriately. This would mean that your existing exchange should be set to “OVERNIGHT” while the primaryExchange should be set to the instrument’s primary listing exchange. An example of an Apple INC. contract being routed to OVERNIGHT is displayed below. Now your order will be directed to the Overnight exchange.

contract = Contract()
contract.symbol = "AAPL"
contract.secType = "STK"
contract.currency = "USD"
contract.exchange = "OVERNIGHT"
contract.primaryExchange = "NASDAQ"

The Client Portal API’s system is identical in this manner. The CPAPI simply requires that the listingExchange value be added to orders, or the exchange value be added to market data requests. Setting these values to “OVERNIGHT” will result in an order directed to the Interactive Brokers Overnight exchange. An example of the JSON order would look similar to the details below:

  "listingExchange": "OVERNIGHT"

With the exchange value set in either API, the order should be routing correctly. It’s important to note that the same routing information should be used when looking at Market Data. This is because the OVERNIGHT trading does not coincide with regular SMART routed data, so trade values may differ than what may be shown when making API market data requests or reviewing a contract in Trader Workstation. A similar structure to the requests above will apply to market data requests. For users that might want to view data in Trader Workstation differently should follow the direct routing steps listed in our Direct Routing guide, with the OVERNIGHT exchange set.

Please note that the API maintains the same trading permission restrictions as documented for the Trader Workstation guide. For more information on requesting the Overnight Trading Permission, please see the additional US Overnight Trading Instructions.

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