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#SocialStocks: NYC files lawsuit against five social media companies
TikTok’s Focusing On Ecommerce This Year, Much To Amazon’s Dismay
#SocialStocks: TikTok to raise commission on sales made on its app
#SocialStocks: Meta Faces Scrutiny for Israel-Hamas War Content Moderation
#SocialStocks: Complaint Alleges Meta Collected Personal Data from Children
#SocialStocks: Big Tech takes hard stance against DMA
#SocialStocks: Big Tech heads to meet with Chuck Schumer to shape AI policy
#SocialStocks: Twitter Rebrands to X
#SocialStocks: TikTok Aims To Reward Creators And Further Retail Offering
#SocialStocks: TikTok Denies Delay of U.S. Shopping Platform Launch
#SocialStocks: TikTok and Pinterest Announce New Ad Offerings
#SocialStocks: TikTok Perceived National Security Threat Despite CEO Appearance
Tik For Tak
#SocialStocks: TikTok Aims to Ease Advertisers Amid Heightened U.S. Scrutiny
#SocialStocks: Meta to Axe Additional 10,000 Roles in new Restructuring Plans
#SocialStocks: FTC Probes Twitter’s Communications and Layoffs
#SocialStocks: Meta Leverages Artificial Intelligence Throughout Subsidiaries
#SocialStocks: Meta and Twitter Manage Implications of More Layoffs
#SocialStocks: Zoom at the Heart of Latest Tech Layoffs
#SocialStocks: Musk Refutes Veracity Of WSJ Story That He Seeks $3B In Funding
#SocialStocks: Meta Platforms Settles Cambridge Analytica Lawsuit
#SocialStocks: TikTok Data Transfers Under Investigation in EU
#SocialStocks: Shares Responds as Meta Axes 13% of Workforce
#SocialStocks: Tracking the Latest News from Twitter After Musk’s Takeover
#SocialStocks: Meta To Cut Costs By At Least 10% To Alleviate Pressures
#SocialStocks: FTC Expected To Expand Online Privacy, Data Protections
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