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TLDR: It’s happening, we’re teaching GPT how to invest. Join the waitlist!

For those of you who are less familiar with the technology, GPT is a Large Language Model.

It’s a technology that was first conceived in 2017, and put to work with great success in the last year or so.

Recently OpenAI has made waves with its Generative AI products like DALL-E (which can generate images) and ChatGPT (which can converse).

GPT is a versatile technology, and at TOGGLE we’re teaching it how to invest.

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What stocks are doing well today

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The pre-open performance for stocks in the S&P 500 today has been somewhat muted, with a median performance of -0.0647% at pixel time.

33% of S&P 500 stocks have opened down, with a notable trend towards low trading volume (91.0%) and sales that have surprised on the downside (60.0%). Weak earnings growth (48.0%) is also a factor, and the top five losers are LYV:NYSE -3.97%, IVZ:NYSE -3.09%, HWM:NYSE -3.02%, BEN:NYSE -2.74%, REGN:NASD -2.65%.

On the upside, stocks that are up today are characterised by a high number of analyst sell recommendations (27.0%), large market capitalization (22.0%) and higher expectations of earnings growth (20.0%). The top five gainers are SYK:NYSE 3.03%, FOX:NASD 3.33%, MTCH:NASD 3.43%, CCI:NYSE 3.77%, SPGI:NYSE 5.54%.

TOGGLE Leading Indicators: Leading indicators tilt bearish

After the last rally, all our indicators are pointing bearish

  • TLI: began flashing red two weeks ago now, now it retraced into neutral
  • Rangefinder Index: posted another bearish transition last Friday
  • Peak Probability Indicator: still not active, nearing the 95% threshold
  • Candle Breadth: reached the bearish threshold last week
  • Market Phase Shift Indicator: still not active, this is a longer-term indicator

Learn more about the Leading Indicators in the Learn Center!

TOGGLE Leading Indicators: Leading indicators tilt bearish

Upcoming Earnings: Applied Materials releases tomorrow

Upcoming Earnings: Applied Materials releases tomorrow

Click here to test what to expect when AMAT releases earnings tomorrow.

Discover how other companies could react post earnings with the help of TOGGLE’s WhatIF Earnings tool.

Asset Spotlight: Will AMZN bounce back?

TOGGLE analyzed 15 similar occasions in the past where analyst revisions for Etsy are deteriorating and and historically this led to a median increase in Amazon price over the following 6M. Check it out!

General Interest: Do you like UFOs?

With Chinese activity ballooning in the US skies, the White House has announced the creation of an interagency team to address ‘unidentified aerial objects’.

The team will gather several arms of the Department of Defense, in particular the aptly-named All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office.

The AARO is an office within the United States Office of the Secretary of Defense that investigates unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and other anomalous phenomena, sometimes termed unidentified aerial phenomena or UAP.

Established in July 2022, the AARO is tasked with investigating all UAP phenomena which the DoD has tracked through the years. And they even have a Twitter account, albeit it’s more silent than Burry’s!

You can read more here on NBC.

Originally Posted February 15, 2023 – ToggleGPT

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