IBKR’s Hottest Shorts as of 8/19/2021

Highest Short Values at IBKR

1LCIDLucid Group Inc
2HOODRobinhood Markets Inc-A
3WCLDWisdomtree Cloud Computing
4CPNGCoupang Inc
5CVACCurevac Nv
6TSPTusimple Holdings Inc – A
7GOEVCanoo Inc
8BOILProshares Ultra Bloomberg Na
9BLNKBlink Charging Co
10FFIEFaraday Future Intelligent E
Consists only of stocks and ETFs with borrows fees > 5%
Highest Short Values at IBKR

Most Requested from the Securities Lending Desk

1VRPXVirpax Pharmaceuticals Inc
2HOODRobinhood Markets Inc-A
3AMCAmc Entertainment Hlds-Cl A
4PMCBPharmacyte Biotech Inc
5GMEGamestop Corp-Class A
6NAOVNanovibronix Inc
7SNOASonoma Pharmaceuticals Inc
8GOVXGeovax Labs Inc
9FLGCFlora Growth Corp
10SONNSonnet Biotherapeutics Holdings
Consists of stocks and ETFs with the most locate requests over the past week
Most Requested from the Securities Lending Desk

Highest Borrow Fees

1BTCMBit Mining Ltd – Spon ADR
2BODYBeachbody Co Inc/The
3REERee Automotive Ltd – Class A
4LCIDLucid Group Inc
5MKTWMarketwise Inc
6JOBYJoby Aviation Inc
7ACYAerocentury Corp
8FFIEFaraday Future Intelligent E
9NURONeurometrix Inc
10NRXPNrx Pharmaceuticals Inc
Includes only short amounts > $1M
Highest Borrow Fees
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