Level: Beginner

IBKR Desktop is Interactive Brokers’ newest desktop trading platform providing investors with a more streamlined interface. Trade stocks, options, futures, and more on over 150 markets worldwide from this easy-to-use platform. In this course, we will cover using the rapid order entry window, submitting options orders, viewing news and research, and customizing charts, columns, and views.

Access Advanced Charts within IBKR Desktop to monitor asset prices. This video will explain how to navigate charts, change the time frame displayed as well as add technical studies and draw trend and Fibonacci lines.

Lesson: #2

Using Option Chains

Learn how to quickly access Option Chains using IBKR Desktop, how to configure the workspace to best suit your options trading needs.

Learn how to manage the Rapid Order Entry window to expedite the order submission process.

IBKR Desktop Portfolio and Watchlist data is displayed using default data columns. But the display may be adjusted by choosing from a variety of carefully constructed data columns displays to suit one of five predefined settings. Learn also how to configure column settings and build user-defined displays.

Lesson: #5

News & Research

The News and Research tool inside IBKR Desktop has been streamlined to show only what the user determines. Subscription and licensed feeds can be configured to serve up latest company, portfolio or market news as well as recently published research reports.

Lesson: #6

Strategy Builder

Quickly design and preview multi-legged options combinations orders using IBKR Desktop. Evaluate potential performance profile and view Greeks over the lifetime of the trade.

Charts displayed inside IBKR Desktop can be anchored to the same symbol or symbols can be displayed independently using the Multi-chart mode. This enables the user to choose the number of charts grouped for similar or tailored display in a single view.

Lesson: #8

Using Hotkeys

See how hotkeys can help increase efficiency for completing common trading and platform actions.

Lesson: #9

Using Presets

Define preset order values to save time when creating orders.

Use the charting interface to easily add and edit orders.