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Eurex Exchange

Eurex – An exchange for the better. As one of the world’s leading derivatives exchanges we offer a broad range of international benchmark products. For example, we operate one of the most liquid fixed income markets, provide the broadest range of equity index derivatives worldwide and are the platform of choice for European equity derivatives. In addition we cover derivatives on dividends, volatility and ETFs. All on one single platform. Innovative and reliable technology supplies about 400 participants and 7,500 traders in 35 countries with access to more than 2,000 products across nine traditional and alternative asset classes.For further information please visit MNI – MNI subscribers make critical decisions with deeper insight and greater confidence. Pinpoint information and market-moving interviews let them react instantly to market changes and more importantly, anticipate future market moves. MNI reporters are market professionals in the news business. They work like journalists but think like traders. When interviewing Fed officials, our reporters ask the same questions you would ask. They cover the angles you would cover. Write the way you read.

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