ETF Battles: VOO vs. BKLC vs. MOAT

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Moat Investing vs. S&P 500, who wins?

In this episode of ETF Battles, Ron DeLegge @etfguide referees an audience requested triple header between three large cap stock ETFs from BNY Mellon, Vanguard and Van Eck. Program judges Shana Sissel at BanrĂ­on Capital Management and Cinthia Murphy at the ETF Think Tank examine this stock market duel between large cap funds, including an S&P 500 and Moat investing strategy fund. Each ETF is judged against the other in key categories like cost, exposure strategy, performance, and a mystery category. Find out who wins the battle!

Originally Posted August 9, 2023

One thought on “ETF Battles: VOO vs. BKLC vs. MOAT”

  1. Enjoyed the video, considering moat. In the article please provide tickers that link to their charts, as well as a few a comparable tickers to the three ur focusing on.

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