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Monthly Dividend Stocks To Consider Today? 2 To Know

Posted March 28, 2024
Josh Dylan

Monthly dividend stocks to watch in the stock market today.

The stock market is a pivotal component of the global economy. It provides a platform for companies to raise capital by issuing shares. Investors buy these shares, betting on the future performance of companies with the hope of earning profits through price appreciation or dividends. Dividends are portions of a company’s earnings distributed to shareholders, traditionally on a quarterly basis. However, some companies opt to distribute dividends monthly, offering a more frequent income stream.

Monthly dividend stocks present an attractive option for investors seeking regular income. Such as retirees or those depending on investment income for living expenses. These stocks can help smooth out income streams and provide quicker reinvestment opportunities, potentially enhancing compound growth. However, the primary disadvantage is that not all companies paying monthly dividends are of the same quality. As well as some may offer high yields to compensate for higher risks or less stable financial conditions.

Investing in monthly dividend stocks requires careful consideration. For example, an investor should be aware of the company’s dividend history, financial health, and the sustainability of its dividend payments. While the allure of frequent dividends is strong. The overall health and potential for long-term growth of the company are things you can take into consideration prior to investing. Moreover, here are two monthly dividend stocks to watch in the stock market today.

Monthly Dividend Stocks To Watch Now

LTC Properties (LTC Stock)

To initiate, LTC Properties Inc. (LTC) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that invests in senior housing and healthcare properties across the United States. The company focuses on long-term leases and mortgage agreements with experienced operators in the post-acute/skilled nursing and assisted living sectors. Currently, LTC offers its shareholders an annual dividend yield of 6.99%.

Last month, LTC Properties reported its fourth quarter 2023 financial and operating results. In detail, the company reported Q4 2023 earnings of $0.57 per share along with revenue of $50.20 million. This is compared to consensus estimates for the quarter which were an EPS of $0.69 and revenue estimates of $32.63 million. Additionally, revenue increased by 4.92% on a year-over-year basis.

Meanwhile, in the last six months of trading, shares of LTC stock are up 3.10%. With that, during Monday morning’s trading session, LTC Properties stock is trading flat on the day so far at $32.63 a share.

Realty Income Corporation (O Stock)

Second, Realty Income Corporation (O), known as “The Monthly Dividend Company,” is a REIT that primarily invests in commercial real estate. With a focus on retail and commercial properties that are leased to clients under long-term net lease agreements. The company’s portfolio includes over 6,500 properties in 49 states, leased to around 600 tenants in 50 different industries.

This month, Realty Income announced its 124th common stock monthly dividend increase since its NYSE listing in 1994. In detail, the company is raising the payout to $0.2570 per share from $0.2565. The updated dividend is scheduled for payment on April 15, 2024, to shareholders on record as of April 1, 2024. This adjustment marks a slight annualized increase, bringing the dividend from $3.078 to $3.084 per share.

Looking at the last six months of trading, shares of O stock are up 2.03%. While, during Monday’s late morning trading action, Realty Income stock is trading slightly green on the day so far by 0.34% at $52.26 a share.

Originally Posted March 25, 2024 – Monthly Dividend Stocks To Consider Today? 2 To Know

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