Level: Advanced

This Traders’ Academy course will review the different advanced trading tools located in Trader Workstation. Each lesson addresses a different tool that can be used depending on the investors’ trading style and objectives.

This is lesson 1 of 2 on the TWS BasketTrader. BasketTrader is accessible through Classic and Mosaic and is used to manage groups of orders. It can be used to create orders for multiple accounts, groups of accounts and multiple instruments. Multiple baskets can be created in BasketTrader to run simultaneously.

This is lesson 2 of 2 on the TWS BasketTrader. This lesson focuses on creating and uploading a basket file. BasketTrader is accessible through Classic and Mosaic and is used to manage groups of orders.

The Rebalance Portfolio Window automatically creates orders to rebalance an investor’s portfolio based on target percentages set. It is accessible in both Mosaic and Classic TWS and can be used directly within TWS or by importing CSV files.

Lesson: #4

TWS BookTrader

Traders can create an order at any price, including the best bid and ask, with a single click in the BookTrader price ladder. BookTrader is accessible through Classic TWS and Mosaic.

Using Trader Workstation (TWS) Market Depth Trader, view the alternative bids and offers away from the inside quote to help traders better gauge market liquidity. Market Depth is available from both Classic TWS and Mosaic.

TWS allows investors to view charts, monitor deep book market data and place orders from the same screen using the Integrated Stock Window (ISW). It is accessible from both Mosaic and Classic TWS.

The Layout Library contains over 20 pre-configured Layouts for the Trader Workstation. The layouts can be downloaded and further edited for customization.

IBKR's Tax Loss Harvest is a powerful tool that allows individuals to potentially reduce their tax liability. Powerful automation lets individuals easily harvest losses in an asset in their account.