Level: Intermediate

R has an array of R-packages for automated trading and performance analytics for back testing and analyzing trading strategies. The IBrokers package has been created by Jeffrey Ryan and is currently maintained by Joshua Ulrich.

Contributed By: QuantInsti

In this video, you will be introduced to R and RStudio and learn the benefits of using R for automated trading.

In the previous lesson, we introduced R and RStudio and the benefits of trading using the R programming language. In this lesson, we will show you how to install R and RStudio.

In this video, we will explain the Interactive Brokers API architecture and show you how to configure the Trader Workstation.

This lesson introduces the IBrokers package and some of the basic API methods like establishing connection with TWS, getting account details, and creating contracts for use in API calls.

In this lesson, we will cover the different types of Market Data, learn about Market data lines and show how to fetch streaming and historical market data from the Trader Workstation.

In this lesson, we will cover the structure of the real-time market data functions and learn to customize these functions.

Lesson: #7

Order Functions

In this lesson, we cover the various order functions available in the IBrokers package.

In this lesson, we will see how to construct and execute a sample trading strategy on TWS.