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How to Find and Choose Different Bonds in 2024

How to Find and Choose Different Bonds in 2024

Aired On

Jan / 10 / 2024
12:00 pm - EST
Tariq Dennison
GFM Asset Management

Bonds may be the simplest investment instrument most people claim not to understand. Throughout 2023, the most common inquiry that speaker and experienced bond trader Tariq Dennison received from clients was about bonds, ranging from, “How do I buy T-bills?”, to – “How can I find higher-yielding and longer-dated bonds with the terms I want?”.

In this webinar, Tariq explains bonds step by step in plain English, starting with a brief world tour of treasuries, corporates, and more exotic sovereign issues, and how to find and choose the specific bonds to fit your objectives, all within IBKR TWS.

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