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Should you buy or sell stocks that gap down?

Should you buy or sell stocks that gap down?

Posted September 8, 2020 at 11:15 am
QuantRocket LLC

What happens when strong stocks gap down at the open? A well-known trading strategy is to buy the gap, expecting mean reversion.

Buy the gap?

Buying stocks that gap down is a common trading strategy. The reasoning behind the strategy is that bad news causes traders to enter sell orders overnight which execute in tandem at the open, causing a temporary liquidity shock which drives down the opening price. The selling pressure immediately exhausts itself, however, leading the stock to recover through the remainder of the session. The strategy typically targets stocks in an uptrend, expecting that traders will buy the dip.

I use Zipline with QuantRocket’s 1-minute US stock data to backtest a buy-on-gap strategy. I first screen the daily universe of 8,000 listed stocks using the following criteria:

  1. common stocks only (no ETFs, ADRs, or preferred shares)
  2. liquid stocks only (top 10% by dollar volume)
  3. closed above their 20-day moving average

mavg = SimpleMovingAverage(
window_length=20, inputs=[EquityPricing.close])

are_common_stocks = SecuritiesMaster.usstock_SecurityType2.latest.eq(
“Common Stock”)
are_liquid = AverageDollarVolume(window_length=30).percentile_between(90, 100)
are_above_mavg = EquityPricing.close.latest > mavg

pipeline = Pipeline(
& are_liquid
& are_above_mavg

For the stocks that pass the screen, I use intraday data to identify which stocks gapped down at least 1 standard deviation below the prior day’s low:

today_opens = data.current(context.candidates.index, ‘open’)
prior_lows = context.candidates[“prior_low”]
stds = context.candidates[“std”]

# find stocks that opened sufficiently below the prior day’s low
gapped_down = today_opens < (prior_lows - stds)

assets_to_buy = context.candidates[gapped_down]

I buy the stocks 1 minute after the open and hold until the close, resulting in the following equity curve:

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