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2022 QuantNet Ranking of Best Financial Engineering Programs

2022 QuantNet Ranking of Best Financial Engineering Programs

Posted January 20, 2022 at 12:40 pm

The 2022 QuantNet ranking of Financial Engineering, Quantitative Finance masters programs in the US provides detailed information on placement and admission statistics from top programs in the country, making it uniquely valuable to the quant finance community at large.

The 2022 QuantNet ranking is best positioned to help prospective applicants decide where to apply and enroll in these master quantitative programs.

2022 Rankings Methodology
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RankProgramTotal scorePeer assessmentEmployment rate at graduationEmployment rate three months after graduationAverage starting base salary plus sign-on bonusTuitionCohort Size
1Baruch College, City University of New York
Financial Engineering 
New York, NY
1004.1100%100%$152,483$42,395 (non-resident) $28,670 (resident)24 FT
2University of California, Berkeley
Financial Engineering 
Berkeley, CA
954.084%99%$143,012$76,61079 FT, 3 PT
3Carnegie Mellon University
Computational Finance 
Pittsburgh, PA
944.368%97%$125,537$89,18995 FT
4Princeton University
Master in Finance 
Princeton, NJ
933.8100%100%$138,607$112,02032 FT
5Columbia University
Financial Engineering 
New York, NY
923.887%100%$119,169$81,792133 FT
6Columbia University
Mathematics of Finance 
New York, NY
853.376%100%$106,218$86,668122 FT, 3 PT
7New York University
Mathematics in Finance 
New York, NY
843.954%95%$103,949$75,95749 FT, 4 PT
7NYU Tandon School of Engineering
Financial Engineering 
Brooklyn, NY
843.576%92%$96,358$77,018131 FT, 1 PT
9Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Master of Finance 
Cambridge, MA
813.279%99%$92,920$113,700138 FT
10Cornell University
MEng, FE concentration 
Ithaca, NY
803.648%100%$113,994$90,43963 FT
10University of Chicago
Financial Mathematics 
Chicago, IL
803.576%90%$108,391$86,428141 FT, 5 PT
12University of California, Los Angeles
Financial Engineering 
Los Angeles, CA
793.374%95%$107,654$81,21681 FT
13Georgia Institute of Technology
Quantitative and Computational Finance
Atlanta, GA
783.274%97%$113,495$61,260 (non-resident) $29,670 (resident)76 FT, 1 PT
13North Carolina State University
Financial Mathematics 
Raleigh, NC
782.360%100%$118,000$59,534 (non-resident) $32,554 (resident)37 FT
15University of Washington
Computational Finance & Risk Management 
Seattle, WA
763.176%100%$90,093$46,50043 FT, 15 PT
16Rutgers University
Quantitative Finance 
Newark, NJ
702.971%93%$96,208$64,900 (non-resident) $42,595 (resident)80 FT
17University of Minnesota
Financial Mathematics 
Minneapolis, MN
642.775%100%$79,000$47,775 (non-resident), $38,150 (resident)17 FT, 4 PT
18Boston University
Mathematical Finance 
Boston, MA
603.038%73%$89,215$93,171108 FT
19Stony Brook University
Quantitative Finance 
Stony Brook, NY
582.427%100%$90,000$44,342 (non-resident) $26,303 (resident)22 FT, 1 PT
20University of Illinois
Financial Engineering 
Urbana, IL
552.725%84%$80,000$78,28532 FT
21Stevens Institute of Technology
Financial Engineering 
Hoboken, NJ
542.433%90%$82,665$50,21042 FT, 4 PT
22Lehigh University
Financial Engineering 
Bethlehem, PA
532.050%90%$63,928$45,30013 FT
NR*Claremont Graduate University
Financial Engineering 
Claremont, CA
2.338%63%$83,336$80,3109 FT
NR*Florida State University
Financial Mathematics (MS) 
Tallahassee, FL
2.0n/an/an/a$36,753 (non-resident) $15,917 (resident)6 FT
NR*Johns Hopkins University
Financial Mathematics 
Baltimore, MD
2.7n/an/a$91,736$151,23358 FT
NR*Rutgers University
Mathematical Finance 
New Brunswick, NJ
2.8n/an/an/a$56,129 (non-resident) $33,869 (resident)10 FT, 1 PT
NR*University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Mathematical Finance 
Charlotte, NC
2.262%81%$87,182$41,720 (non-resident) $21,569 (resident)17 FT, 5 PT

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* Programs that did not provide placement data or salary information meeting a minimum threshold were denoted as NR (not ranked). – resource for financial engineering education and career.

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