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The IBKR Campus – Education & Tutorials

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In this lesson, you’ll learn how the IBKR Campus offers a wide variety of financial education and ‘how to’ tutorials to our clients and the general public at no cost. Here, you can gain a better understanding about topics critical to trading and investing, as well as acquire hands-on, practical skills navigating Interactive Brokers’ platforms and trading tools.

Study Notes:

The IBKR Campus offers a wide variety of financial education and ‘how to’ tutorials to our clients and the general public at no cost.  Here, you can learn about topics critical to trading and investing, as well as how to navigate Interactive Brokers’ trading tools – all while improving your understanding of the global financial markets, as they change daily.

The IBKR Campus is comprised of eight pillars – each a vital resource depending on your learning objectives.

Traders’ Academy

Let’s start with Traders’ Academy, which we’ve frequently referenced in previous lessons. Traders’ Academy was primarily designed for those individual and professional investors seeking a better understanding of the financial markets, asset classes, and trading tools. In this pillar, clients can become better acquainted with our platforms with easily accessible and digestible short video tutorials on a host of specific tools, including PortfolioAnalyst, as well as other topics, such as trading products, economics, and fundamentals

Our TWS for Beginners course, for example, is a great resource for learning how to get started with our desktop Trader Workstation platform. Among a host of other instructional material, this course explains how to download the software to your desktop and log in, how to configure the workspace and generally navigate the system, as well as shows you how to enter basic orders, create a watchlist, view charts, and much more. Traders’ Academy also offers instructional lessons on how to use Client Portal, as well as offers courses devoted to using our IBKR Mobile (iPhone, Android)andGlobalTrader platforms. 

And if you want to view courses by skill set – we have grouped together all Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced content for your convenience. Whether a beginner, building expertise, or in an advanced level of study, our educational offerings can provide practical, hands-on insights and instructions.

Explore further with other courses such asIntroduction to TWS Order Types, Introduction to Charts, or select from a wide array of investment product-related courses – from stocks to options to fixed-income, futures, forex, and more.

And while IBKR produces most of its Traders’ Academy courses in-house, we also provide great content from our partners, including CME Group, WisdomTree, Direxion, and State Street, among others. Broaden your investment horizon and access our free learning modules at a pace that suits you.

Traders’ Insight

Let’s now move on over to Traders’ Insight, which provides a feast of daily articles, videos, and podcasts covering current financial market and economic events from around the world.  Interactive Brokers’ own analysts, along with a diverse set of leading financial institutions, offer a wealth of commentary about the global financial markets, economics, and monetary policy – capturing the driving forces that can affect your investment decisions.

Stop by Traders’ Insight at the IBKR Campus, or access its content inside TWS, as part of that platform’s environment!

IBKR Podcasts

You can also keep abreast of global financial market conditions by listening and subscribing to IBKR Podcasts – available at the IBKR Campus, Podbean, and other popular streaming audio services, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon!

Join us in our conversations with industry experts, as we discuss a variety of topics and asset classes – with Spanish-language podcasts also available! Meanwhile, if you’re a budding professional, listen-in on our Cents of Security series, which is dedicated to providing programs about financial literacy and career development.

IBKR Webinars

Looking for an online event to attend? With IBKR Webinars, you can educate yourself on a variety of topics and asset classes, with presentations designed to broaden your understanding of how financial markets work, as well as learn techniques to help you become a smarter investor. Our contributors include leaders in the financial industry and provide a wide range of market-related topics each week, including options trading, commodities, exchange-traded funds, volatility, and more.

IBKR Webinars (Library of Recordings)

IBKR Quant

Let’s now turn to IBKR Quant, which is intended for those interested in using data science, programming languages, and other mathematical techniques to conduct quantitative analyses on the financial markets. Articles available at IBKR Quant are contributed by coders and developers in the quant-space and seek to help programmers by offering concise, and actionable, code-based examples.


Meanwhile, learn all about our APIs with important documentation concerning our TWS, Client Portal, and Excel APIs. You can also take advantage of our API Blog, which includes current articles that offer the latest in programming language trends, guidance, and more.

Student Trading Lab

Looking for a hands-on, practical experience of IBKR’s platforms, tools, and services? The IBKR Student Trading Lab is a free, online offering for educators who are seeking to blend finance, or computer science coursework, with real-world trading experiences. Students participating in these instructor-led programs can reap the benefits from the lab’s long list of resources, including IBKR’s trading tools, available products, algos, reporting and analytics capabilities, and more.

The IBKR Student Trading Lab’s Catalogue of Resources

IBKR’s Student Trading Lab – Companion Tools for College Finance Courses

IBKR Traders’ Glossary

And if you get curious, or caught-up on a word or term you might come across, refer to IBKR’s Traders’ Glossary – providing you with an A-to-Z list of terms and phrases commonly used in financial services and education.

Smart Investors Never Stop Learning…

For more details, browse through IBKR’s Campus Contributors, who, in addition to our own in-house economic and financial analysts, comprise a long list of third-party industry veterans – from small, specialized boutiques to large financial institutions – ensuring a wealth of different topics and perspectives.

And because we believe smart investors never stop learning, we encourage you to stay on top of new and upcoming content by signing-up to receive our Campus Newsletters! These include daily updates from Traders’ Insight, weekly updates from IBKR Quant, upcoming IBKR Webinars notifications, as well as notices from across the Campus – such as from Traders’ Academy, and more!

IBKR also offers content on third-party platforms, such as Coursera, and houses extensive video content through its YouTube channel playlists!

Through this guide, we’ve highlighted some of the more critical resources you can use for opening your account with us, as well as helping you get more familiar with how to best navigate your trading and investing needs – we’re now looking forward to your journey with us!

Interactive Brokers Website

The IBKR Campus

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2 thoughts on “The IBKR Campus – Education & Tutorials”

  • Donnie Creech

    I was attempting to fund my account and noticed an email from IB, it gave me a link to the portal where it says I could earn up to $300 ($100 credit for each course) to trade with on IB. However, the hyperlink I used on my phone from the email continuously freezes, so of course I logged in thru my desktop and the hyperlink no longer works, and no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to find these courses nor the compensation. I get it, make it hard to find it just to get someone to click around on your website. But I won’t, and I’m not funding an account somewhere that does this. I’ll be cancelling my account immediately. Rug pulls are for dummies

    • Interactive Brokers

      Hello, thank you for reaching out. The Learn & Earn Program is offered to individuals only (Individual, Joint and Trust accounts). Retirement accounts along with Financial Advisor and Broker clients are not eligible. The program is available to all IBKR affiliates and all countries. The Learn & Earn Program promotes the educational tools offered in Traders’ Academy and allows you to earn commission credits by completing Traders’ Academy courses in Client Portal. There are 3 sets of courses that clients can complete to earn USD 100 in commissions credit for each asset class: Options, Futures and Bonds. Awarded commissions are offered upon completion of ALL course material within the Award Bundle.

      To be eligible in each asset class, you will not have traded the product for the 180 day period prior to completing the course. The 180 day period restriction does not apply to new clients that have yet to trade the product.

      Eligible clients will receive an email invitation. This invite may be sent to multiple accounts that reside in the same household, but please note that only the first account that agrees to the terms and conditions of the Learn & Earn Program in Client Portal can claim the commission credit. Please view this User Guide for more information on the program:

      Please reach back out with any more questions. We are here to help!

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