Level: Beginner

We have divided this course in two to address both trading and CRM. This course deals with an introduction to Trader Workstation (TWS) for Advisors where you will learn how to navigate TWS, monitor your clients’ and your firm’s aggregate positions. We show you how to trade for an individual client and for several (or all) clients at a time. And we introduce the Order Allocation Tool, which really gets to the heart of order management. You will learn to build Model Portfolios, how to allocate clients’ money to a Model as well as how to rebalance a portfolio. We also show you how to navigate the Tax Harvester Tool enabling you to run your individual client’s portfolio efficiently.

Advisors need to be able to see client positions quickly and cleanly within the trading interface. This lesson explains where to view key data.

Learn how to use the TWS Rebalance Portfolio tool for the entire portfolio, not just models. See how to access it and set weights to rebalance the portfolio.

The Advisor Setup window hosts several key configuration settings for Advisors, enabling them to logically divide clients into groups, create Model Portfolios and administer default allocation settings.

This lesson will explain how to simply use the Allocation tools within the Order Entry panel to easily buy or sell on behalf of one or more clients at a stroke.

The Trader Workstation Allocation Order Tool allows an advisor to quickly and accurately allocate a single trade in stocks, options, futures, or future options into their clients’ accounts. Advisors can narrow down the list of eligible accounts by using a variety of filters and choose the allocation method prior to submitting the trade.

Build and invest Model Portfolios to help you streamline the investing process. In this lesson we walk through the creation of Model Portfolios as well as how to invest in them.

Demonstrate and explain how to add/remove stocks from Models. Adding an Option to a model. Divesting a Model and adding a client to a model.

Reallocating funds from one model to another and allocating more funds to another model.

IBKR’s Tax Loss Harvest is a powerful tool that allows financial advisors to potentially reduce their clients’ tax liability. Powerful automation lets Advisors easily harvest losses in an asset across multiple client accounts at the same time.

Advisors can craft their ideal client investment model in record time with professionally built, research-driven models. Enjoy free access to browse and select models from the marketplace and seamlessly integrate the models into the TWS Model Portfolios feature.

Our Custom Indexing tool allows advisors to quickly build portfolios modeled after Index ETFs, and easily customize them to accommodate client investment goals. Unlike ETFs, clients own fractional shares of each component stock, so financial advisors can adjust weightings and exclude stocks or sectors in accordance with client needs.

The Interactive Brokers Custom Indexing tool allows advisors to invest their client's money into portfolios modeled after Index ETFs and easily rebalance them using weights calculated from a variety of choices.