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Taiwan’s Election, Japan’s Market high, and China’s Deflation Concerns
PBOC Steps Up Real Estate Support, Game Over for Gaming Officials as Tencent & NetEase Rally
November Manufacturing PMI Higher Than Expected, Week in Review
BYD Runs Over Hong Kong Shorts As September Economic Data Beats
Mainland Markets Rise As Hong Kong Shorts Press Their Bets
Trade Data Exceeds Expectations, Headlines Cost Apple Shareholders $100 Billion
Markets Gain On High Volumes, Receive Further Details On Consumption Support
EVs’ Silent Roar as Real Estate Receives Further Support
The Sun Shines on Japanese Stocks, Anticipating Key Events to Finish the First Half
April Auto Sales & Li Auto in Focus
Declining Birthrate Policies Arrive as Hong Kong Internet Stocks Rise
The Year of The Rabbit Hops To It
CNY Ignores Western Headlines, Tencent Rises
Inquiring Minds Want to Know Why 5+3=0 & What Spiked +412% Day over Day on
Dirty Harry Challenges Investors As Bilibili’s “Three-Body Problem” Goes Viral
Reopening Drives Market Higher, Ignoring COVID Cases and PMIs
Who’ll Be Your Plus-One? When China Becomes Your Investment Ex
Hong Kong Rallies On Incremental Loosening Of Zero COVID
Markets Fear Worst As Mainland Investors Buy Foreign Selling
Party Congress Speech Prioritizes The Economy
China Returns From Golden Week Holiday, US Semiconductor Ban Weighs On Technology
Travel Plays Fly on Hong Kong & Macau Reopening, PBOC Pumps Brakes on CNY Depreciation
Jerome Powell & US Dollar Summer Global Wrecking Ball Tour Continues
Alibaba’s Softbank Overhang Clarified as Foreigners Fret
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